A New Season – PRAISE GOD & WELCOME TO YEAR 2017!!!


We thank God who has brought us into the year 2017. The prophetic declarations and events unfolding in the world are indications that there is a major shift in the spirit and a new dimension of God’s end time agenda is unfolding. God’s word to us through our General Overseer is Joshua 1:8. Remember that the Joshua generation possessed the land. In 2017, it is time to possess the land and occupy until the Lord comes. This will come by diligence in God’s Word and boldly declaring God’s Word.

In this year those who know their God will be strong and do exploits. The harvest of souls is waiting for those who will observe to do all that God is commanding them. The supernatural and miraculous realm is greatly open for those who will dare to step into it by faith. Victory and unexplainable triumph shall be the portion of those who will not compromise with the world but will speak out and live their convictions.

Welcome to a year of PROSPERITY and GOOD SUCCESS in GOD.

HAPPY New Year-Pastor Michael Oludipe