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Young Adults Ministry

The Young Adults Ministry is known as S.W.A.P an acronym meaning Serving With a Purpose. They are made up of young adults between the ages of 18-40 both within and outside the Church

Women Ministry (Covenant Women)

Women Ministry (Covenant Women): This is the Women’s arm of the Church with the main vision to fulfill the command of the Lord Jesus Christ in Mark 16:15-18. They also aim to identify and encourage spiritual gifts and talents in women that can be used to build the body …


The Welfare department looks after the needs of the Brethren and cater for the provision of refreshments during Church Events.They also provide hospitality for guests ministers.If you are also worried about the welfare of any of the brethen or have noticed that there is a need for further …


The Ushering Ministry helps to ensure order during Services and Special events. They help to coordinate and ensure that the services are run according to planned schedule but under the direction of the Holy Spirit. For further information or to join this group, please contact; ushering’

Transportation Department

The members of this team help to  ensure safe and efficient picking  up  of church members using the Church Bus from designated areas to and fro for Church Services  and other special  events. For further information,to request transport  or to join this group, please contact:  

Technical Department

This is part of the Multimedia group and are engaged in the management of sound and projection of images on the  public screens to help enhance the enjoyment of services, assimilation of messages in a bid  to optimize the worship experience. They also are responsible for   the …


We believe that the whole man should be cared for and this ministry organizes sports activities that ensure fitness, fun and interaction from time to time with competitions and outdoor games  to foster unity in the Church For further information or to join this group, please contact

Vessels of Cleanliness

This ministry is currently recruiting as they seek to add volunteers who will assist in keeping the church hall and environments befitting of the appearance that represents the God we serve. For further information or to join this group, please contact

Publicity Team

This is another arm of publicity that uses the latest technology in conveying news and informing the Church &general public about Upcoming Programs. For further information or to join this group, please contact


This department is responsible for written publications of the Church and primarily produce the Church monthly Newsletters, annual Calendars ,handbills and posters amongst many others. For further information or to join this group, please contact


This ministry helps the Church by liaising with visiting ministers and Guest catering for them by provision of hotel accommodation, pickups , all to ensure their smooth ministration during the period of their stay. For further information or to join this group, please contact

Professional Ministry Car Park Attendants

Professional Ministry Car Park Attendants PMCPA: This ministry serve as Marshalls helping visitors and members to park properly, ensuring adequate use of the Church car park during services and events in the church. They also help in checking the security of parked vehicles within the church premises. For further …

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is the duty of every believer and the best way to learn how to pray is to pray personally and with other believers. The Prayer team is made up of a group READ MORE…….. of believers who are passionate about interceding for their own needs, the  needs …

Peace and Joy Radio

This is the Radio ministry of the New Covenant Church, Manchester .They broadcast for Click here for Peace &Joy Radio Schedule and for more details. Like Us on Facebook. For further information or to join this group, please contact

Men’s Ministry (Covenant Men)

This is the Men’s ministry of the Church with a vision to add value to every man and to empower men for effective fatherhood ,enabling men to be able to train their children in the Lord (Training the Trainers) The Men have three main events 1 .The Everyman …

Information Guest Services

This  ministry is also part of the frontline ministries made up of a friendly group of volunteers who man the Reception Desk of the Church helping members and visitors with their queries.  Most information about the Church and services offered with upcoming ministry events and application forms or …

Joyful Mothers

This ministry is made up of   a team of experienced and mature women who cater for the needs of expectant mothers and mothers in waiting. Most of these women are nurses, midwives and doctors and the team is led by Mummy Ada Irozuru. They meet on the last …

First Timers Follow Up Ministry

First Timers Follow Up Ministry (FITFU) This team is an administrative arm of the Church that also processes the data of all First Timers. Their motto which is “no one is lost” is driven by a vision to account for every identifiable visitor that walks through the Church …

First Timers Team

First Timers Team (FIT): This ministry is very passionate about receiving all First Timers Guests of the Church. They liaise with these individuals and are the first point of contact for the  Church. READ MORE… They are a dedicated team that are committed to making good first impressions …