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Finance Ministry

The Finance Team helps with the money matters of the Church. They are made up of a group of both professionally trained accountants and other people They just love figures and are passionate about making our money grow. They are involved in counting and recording financial income of the …

Evangelism Ministry

Jesus gave the General Commission for every Believer to spread the Good news. This group is open to all those who are passionate about winning souls and want to increase their passion and effectiveness in winning souls. They have regular training given with hands  on practical sessions where …

Drama Ministry

The Drama Ministry uses drama to communicate the message of word of God. They hold regular meetings and often  have ministrations in the Church.To join this team or for further information, please contact


All through the Bible, scriptures show how much value was put on the temple. We believe that the place of worship should be beautifully decorated to the highest standard to reflect the beauty and excellence of our God. To join this team or for further information, please contact

Dance Ministry

We the dance group at NCC, Manchester believe in the expression of worship in different styles and are passionate about using Dance as a form of art and worship. We meet at scheduled times as required. To find out more information or join this group , please contact 

Counseling Ministry

The need for a listening ear and godly counsel is a dire one which the counseling ministry aims to meet as we all go through challenging circumstances in life. This ministry also  offers Counseling Services based on Biblical principles to new Believers,those who have made a recommitment to …

Community Action

Community Action NCC, Manchester is involved in several projects that help the community. Some of them offering free meals, free IT Training. Some of these projects include the Highway Hope(website), V2020 (website), WADA (website) a. Highway Hope b.V2020


Our Choir consists of various music talents with the use of great instruments for worshipping and glorifying the Lord in songs

Children Ministry

There is a vibrant team of volunteers who are DBS checked and undergo regular training to minister to the children at various levels and their understanding between 0-4 years, 5-6 years, 7-9 years and 10-12 years old. Unless on special occasions, the Children Church runs a full service …

Brethen Appreciation Ministry

This ministry watches out for the welfare of the Brethren in the Church and serves as the watchdog and our brother’s keeper. …… You can also use this forum to let the Pastors know about any member you are worried about who has not been in church or …