Highway Hope Supplementary Schools

Highway Hope Supplementary Schools (part of Meap Supplementary Schools)

Our aim is to raise the educational and academic attainment of all our students. We achieve this by being professional, imbibing active, interactive and collaborative learning and teaching methods while creating the right classroom climate.

Our ethos is two parts; working hard pays (ourselves) and God gives knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom (our God).

We do not only work hard but our students have fun and engage in extra curriculum activities, visits to Universities, Museums and Quiz competitions.

Tuition is available for both group classes and private sessions (i.e. 1-to-1).

Our group classes include:

KS2 (Year 5) – called Reward Supplementary School

KS3 (Year 7 – 9) – called Supreme Supplementary School

KS4 (Year 10 – 11) – A Star Supplementary School (now part of MEaP Twilight School)

Opening Times on Saturdays:

We are open on Saturdays  during term-time from 10am – 6pm (staggered start times for each school year).

Subjects for KS2 are Mathematics, English &Creative Writing, Verbal &Non-Verbal Reasoning

Subjects for KS3 & 4  are  Mathematics, English and Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry)

Special Exams Preparatory:

Our tuition support our students in exams such as SATs,11+ (Grammar and Independent schools) and GCSE .

We offer a two week intensive GCSE exams preparatory sessions, focused on solving past GCSE exam papers from the various exam boards.

Our 11-Plus Summer Classes normally start from mid July to the end of August.


Our students are our testimonials – our latest results for the 11-Plus exams over the last 2 years (2014 & 2015) show that at least 85% of our students have been offer admissions in grammar schools in Greater Manchester area.

Our GCSE students have also consistently achieved beyond what is required of them, with most (at least 90%) having As and A* in most of their subjects.

Twilight School:

Three Supplementary schools – Highway Hope, Gift and West Indian Organisation Co-ordinating Committee (WIOCC) are in partnership with MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University). 

Under this partnership, a new Supplementary school called Twilight School has been formed. 

MMU is providing – 2 classrooms in their Birley Campus, university students as mentors & support student-teachers and other facilities (e.g. internet, electronic board etc) to support the school teaching sessions and supporting our Year 10&11 students. 

Lessons will hold Tuesdays and Thursdays,  5:30pm – 7:30pm, starting from 23rd of February.

Students will benefit by having more resource persons and support specific to their exam boards.

Spaces are limited as pupils are registered on termly basis.

Kindly use the contact form below to indicate your interest & further enquiries

Contact email – theodore.braimah@highwayhope.co.uk and esther.oludipe@highwayhope.co.uk

Spaces are limited as pupils are registered on a term basis. Kindly use the contact form below to indicate your interest & further enquiries.

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