I am New


I am New

Our Worship Service - We do offer a variety of services to fit various schedules and we cater for various age groups. We are really delighted and look forward to you worshipping with us. If you do need any special assistance/needs, please contact the Church Office or use the Contact Form so that we can prepare adequately for your visit.

Sunday Celebration Service Click here to see map and get directions



Wednesday-TCP The  Church Prays



Thursdays Financial Prayers


Friday   Bible Study/Prayer &Praise Service



The Church operates a Shuttle Bus Service that helps to pick up members from their homes to and fro on a Sunday Morning. This would mean leaving much earlier so as to enable early arrival at Church following the pick ups.

If you would like to be picked up from your home, please contact the Church Office or fill the online form below and a member from the Transportation Team would be in Contact with you.

Pick-up will be atleast one hour before service time, depending on your location.


New Member Feedback

Visited us recently, tell us about it

We are excited that you attended one of our Services and because we want to serve you better, we would like you to take a few minutes to fill the Feedback Form. Do not forget to mention the name of the First Timers Team Member who attended to you.

Survey Form:  http://freechurchforms.com.1.s3.amazonaws.com/FirstTimeVisitorSurvey.pdf

Attended our Services but did not get to fill a Welcome Card, You can do this here so we can keep in touch.


Becoming a Member

Contact Us-Usual contact details

Planning a visit - get directions - let us know

Becoming a Member : We are honoured that you choose to join us. There is usually a New Members Class & Get Together that holds once monthly and invitations are sent out to all visitors. You can however choose to contact the Church Office  or fill an Application form online to be assessed.

Link to form of applying for membership