Joyful Mothers

This ministry is made up of   a team of experienced and mature women who cater for the needs of expectant mothers and mothers in waiting.

Most of these women are nurses, midwives and doctors and the team is led by Mummy Ada Irozuru. They meet on the last Sunday of the month after the Service to have a period of sharing and praying, holding on to  the  promises of  safe delivery, fruitfulness and none shall be barren in the land  and have  Testimonies to show to God’s glory. click here. The ministry team  follows  all the way right from when they are made aware of a pregnancy, even to the delivery suite and much more, helping the new mothers with the much needed help and bowls of soup as they settle into their new roles in the first few months after the  birth of their babies. For further information, please contact Mummy Ada Irozuru on  telephone