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Grace Tom-Lawyer


Feasting at the Table
Every Saturday 11am GMT
Rebroadcast on Tuesdays&Sundays 7pm GMT

Feasting at the Table (aka F.A.T).is a Bible Study programme that aims to share truths from the Word of God in relation to our everyday practical lives. Like every feast, there is something for everyone and I believe that as you tune in,you will receive a Fresh, Anointed &Timely word from God.

About Grace
Grace loves to teach God’s Word with a passion for the practical application of Biblical truths in everyday living..This programme is borne out of a directive in 2015 &her passion to study God’s Word..She also writes &sometimes edits. Most of her articles can be seen on
She is also a regular blogger on FLOURISH(
&writes for DISHUSBANDMATA –
under the pen name “Gracillis”.. Feasting at the Table also has a Facebook page.