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Olayiwola AY Adewumi

Director of Operations

Olayiwola AY Adewumi aka The Ambassador is the Director of Operations of Peace and Joy radio and the executive director of Psalm One Productions. He is a performing artist, script writer and event MC. He presents 360 Degree on Peace and Joy radio every Monday 7 -8 pm.  The show seeks to serve in the following ways:
1. To create a platform for Kingdom minded individuals to rub minds together.
2. Give up to date christian news.
3. Create a platform for Kingdom minded business men and women to advertise their goods and services.
4. Advertise and promote Kingdom programs by churches / ministries / charities and individuals.
5. Promote and support upcoming Kingdom minded Christian Artist, Authors, Play-writers, Script writers, Song-writers, Music producers, Film producers, Photographers, Caterers, Masters of Ceremony etc.