Teenage Church

The Teenage Church, NCC Manchester

Who are we, and what do we do?

The teenage church is a bridge for our young and growing children between the children’s church and the Adult church. With children between the ages of 13 to 19, the Teenage church provides for the need of a wide variety of rapidly developing youngsters from high school to Universities.

For the much younger teens, the Teenage church is quite a different ball game from children church and is poles apart in delivery of content. However, we provide a platform for the younger ones to collaborate, integrate and learn from older teenagers and be eased into independent and guided, self-managed spiritual development, which will be fully materialized in the adult church.

Our vision in the teenage church is to raise leaders and not followers. However, we all follow into leadership – “Follow me and I will make you….”

We utilize the Jesus method and the Daniels prototype to achieve our goal. Our mandate is to move from children to Leaders so we are happy when teens don’t understand our teachings and are confused about what we say. This only helps to breed a deeper thirst and hunger for the truth as we aim to bring in the word of truth into their ever changing 21st century minds and birth in their spirits an unquenchable fire for God.

Every day is different in the teenage church; group work, church in the park, Q and A’s presentations, role playing, academic seminars, personal projects work , day outs and camp meetings are part of our regular offerings, including our budding mentoring scheme.


We always are in need of new hands to join or bulging 50+ and ever-increasing Teenage church.  Please feel free to come along to taster session with us at Teenage church NCC Manchester… you might just feel “at home”. For further information or to join this group, please contact