The 1000 Disciples Mandate –Your Responsibility and Initiative


God has an expectation from each one of us, which is that the sacrifice of Jesus will avail much on behalf of every human being. God is not willing that any should perish and He has sent us as labourers to those He brings in contact with us.

Just as in Matthew 25:14-30, some people might have different dispositions to this call. While some will take it as a mandate from God, some might take it as a good idea. However, our disposition will determine what fruits we bear by the end of this year. If you will take this mandate as though your life depends on it, you will be amazed at the doors God will open for you to bring many souls to Christ.
I believe the Lord has also put this in my spirit; that apart from the blessings of the souls that will be saved, the process itself will be life-transforming for all those who step out and fulfil this mandate with all their heart.
‘GO FOR SOULS’ – Pastor Michael Oludipe