The Institutes

These are a group of schools that are aimed at making the believer become more deeply acquainted with the Word and help in equipping them for effective service.

They  comprise  of a. Believer’s Class b. Workers in Training c. Alpha Course d. Bible College

  • The Believer’s Class-theses ares are a series of classes that are held weekly to teach foundational truth of the christian faith. The classes are open to both those who are new converts and those who want to know more. Some have attended these classes and become born again in the process. These classes are run by a team of dedicated teacher who help with  both tutoring and assessment of the workbook (New Life in Christ). The New Life In Christ workbook was produced and recently updated by New Covenant Church, Manchester. It has a series of 30 lessons which have interactive questions to ensure complete understanding.
    To attend the Believer's class please contact
  •   Workers in Training-These are series of classes for those who want to join the workforce of the church. Upon completion of the lessons or a   certain   minimum attendance of the lessons, the intending worker graduates with a ceremony. They   go for Weekend away experience with the Tutors before being presented to the church, after which they are free to join and participate fully in the various ministries in the church.
  • Baptismal Classes- These are a series of classes designed to help people understand the meaning of baptism
  • Manchester Bible Course –
PICTURES  HERE PLEASE –people behind it, 2013-2014graduation for 2010-2012 set

2013-2014 set on the last lecture day

  • This is for those who want to dig deeper. It initially started as the Bible College but this closed in 2012 due to the restructuring of New Covenant Church nationally. As there were people already studying who also wanted to continue and finish training and the recognition of the significance of Biblical and Ministry training in the life of a believer, it was decided that locally training should continue. The lecturers are seasoned ministers who are drawn from the Pastoral Team of the Church as well as visiting, sound Bible Teachers within the broader New Covenant Church. There are also lecturers drawn from the body of Christ nationally &internationally.
  • Facilitators are Dr Moses Yaor & Dr Abigail Adeyemi.
  •  one year of tuition
  • Runs from September to July each year ,with graduation in August
  • Admissions are from June to August
  • Lectures hold one weekend every month on Saturdays from 9.00am-4:00pm and on Sundays      from 4:00-6:00pm.

Objectives of the Course

We have 3 main objectives:

  1.  Grounding of Students in the knowledge of God and His word, so that they are mature and not carried away by every wind of doctrine. Established in the faith (2Timothy 2:15; 3:16, Rom 1:11KJV)
  2.  Equip Students for Ministry and for those who may not know what area of service God has called them, help them to discover it.
  3.  Motivate students for the fulfilment of the great commission or Evangelisation of world (Matt.28:18- 20).


  1. A one year of tuition
  2. Modular system
    • Modules to be covered within the year
  1. Module 1: The Bible (8 Lecture topics)
  2. Module 2: The Church (10 lecture topics
  3. Module 3: Missiology (Christian Mission/ Ministry) (14 lecture topics)
  4. Module 4: Christian Living (10 lecture topics).


  • At the completion of the course, a Certificate of Completion of a One Year Bible Course will be issued.
  • The graduation ceremony will be in August of each academic year.
  • Requirement for graduation will be based on:
  • A: Students must achieve an attendance of 75% and above

B: Completion of all assignments


  • The course is open to all born again adult Christians from ages 18 years and older, who desire to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith and to equip themselves for ministry.
  • Those (adults) who are curious about Christianity and want to know more.

Those who want to refresh their knowledge of the Christian faith


  • Candidates should be able to speak, read and write in English.
  • A basic educational qualification (GCSE or equivalent, Diploma) is desirable but not a necessary requirement.
  • All candidates will fill a registration/application form
  • 2 References accompanying the Reg. Form.
  • 2 passport photograph verified by one of the referees.


  • We believe this is the cheapest and yet cost effective high standard Bible Course.
  • Registration fee is £20. Non refundable
  • The total cost for the year is £250.00
  • For those who would like to do only one module, the cost is £50.00.

Those who want to do refresher course   will make a contribution of not less than £5.00 per lecture attended.