Women Ministry (Covenant Women)

Women Ministry (Covenant Women): This is the Women’s arm of the Church with the main vision to fulfill the command of the Lord Jesus Christ in Mark 16:15-18.

They also aim to

  1. identify and encourage spiritual gifts and talents in women that can be used to build the body of Christ .
  2. support women who are victims of domestic abuse as well as those who are separated or divorced
  3. to encourage and support women who are self employed or seeking to venture into this
  4. to teach and mentor ladies on godly character,behavior and values


Covenant Women group   support women by organizing Baby Showers,Bridal showers and supporting celebrations.They hold monthly prayer meetings on the first Fridays of each month in the Church premises as well as quarterly meetings .

For further information or to join this group, please contact :covenat_women@manchesterncc.org